Christmas Decor [Day 8]

Tom and I have not decorated our apartment for the holidays since we moved here. BUT we have had soft white and multicolored Christmas/string/fairy lights up year round since we moved in. So that kind of counts.

They are especially nice this time of year because A) the holidays and B) it gets so freaking dark so freaking early that it’s nice to have some soft lighting all night before bed.

Anyways, today’s post is supposed to be a picture of Christmas decor. I love decorating for the holidays and just in general, but there’s not much room for excess stuff here in Brooklyn. When we have our own house one day, I plan on going nuts in the decorating department.

Buuuuutttt since we don’t have any decorations here, I’ll share a picture from two Christmases ago when Tom and I posed with our engagement ornaments. The quality is pretty poor, but the memories aren’t. And it’s Christmas decor. So there.


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