Easiest person to buy for? [Day 9]

Does myself count?

If not, how about “it changes year to year”?

I guess I could say my husband or my mom because I’m in constant contact with them and know them so well. But then again, it’s easy to get in a rut of focusing on a few main facts about a person (they like candles; their favorite color is blue; etc) instead of having a sense of something they would like that doesn’t fit into those categories. And even though I straight out ask them, “What do you want for Christmas this year?” it still gets difficult because they are both people who are going to ask for a lot.

And I don’t really think guys are harder to buy for than girls; girls are individuals with specific likes and dislikes just as guys are. So it honestly depends on the year and how much a person has or needs that will determine whether they are on the easier side to buy for.

So, in conclusion, I will stick with my first answer: in my opinion, when it comes to Christmas shopping for someone, I am the easiest person to buy for because I know myself so well. I know my shoe size without needing to text. I know whether that sweater will enhance my shape or make me look boxy. I know what my most desired products/clothing/shoes/anything is at any moment. I am a piece of cake.

Why does everyone else have to be so difficult??

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