Foot surgery in 1 week!

My foot surgery is is one week! I’m so excited to finally get this taken care of, but I’m nervous about the recovery. I signed up to coach volleyball at school this fall, so I really hope my feet don’t negatively impact my ability to do all that coaching entails. I also just enjoy walking and running and frolicking and working out, so I really don’t want to be off my feet for too long.

Here are a couple before pictures:


So yeah, gross. They look even worse when I’m not standing and putting pressure on my feet because the angle of my bunions is even more dramatic. You can see how large the inner bunions are. They make all shoes, even sneakers and casual shoes like [knock-off] Toms, tight and uncomfortable. And heels? Forget it.

You can also see how crooked my baby toes are with mini-bunions of their own. So like I said in the post about my podiatrist consultation, the podiatrist will be removing both the inner and outer bunions, fixing my crooked hammertoes (the baby ones), and cutting the tendon that has caused the bunions.

My feet have been really painful lately, whether I’m running or just walking, wearing shoes or going barefoot. They just ache.

So I’m ready for them to go!

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  1. Hi
    I also have the same problem only on one foot . I took up running long distance 5 years ago and this problem came out of no where. It’s horrible. I would like to find out how your surgery went and was it painful.. What was your recovery time?


    1. Hey Michelle,

      Yeah, bunions are no fun. I actually wrote all about my post-surgery experience if you want to check out my foot surgery page. It only goes up to 6 weeks post-op, but I was running around month 3. In a nutshell, the worst pain was when the doctor was putting the local anesthesia in – the needles went so deep I wanted to scream. After that, you don’t feel the pain unless you need a little extra shot in there. As for post-surgery, it’s pretty uncomfortable for the first few weeks. I used a cane for the first month to help me get around outside and for long distances. My feet were wrapped for about 1.5 months (my doctor or I would change them every couple days) and I switched from my “special” shoes to normal sneakers around that time. I still have some trouble with the flexibility of my toes – think when you’re in plank position and how you rest on your toes…that’s a work in progress for me.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for dropping by!

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