Gifts and Stockings [Days 18 & 19]

Day 18: When do you open gifts?

This may seem like a weird question; like, they’re Christmas gifts, so obviously you open them on Christmas.

But, I know a few people whose tradition is to open their presents at midnight on Christmas Day. I think it’s a Latino thing. Or some people are just super excited and can’t wait until morning!

My family and I have always waited until morning…err, well, at least a few hours after midnight. As a child, I was a restless sleeper on Christmas Eve, and would wake up a million times until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and would go to my parents’ room at 5 am to see if we could get up. The answer was usually no, but at least I knew that I was that much closer.

I don’t remember when I started to sleep a little later, shower, and eat breakfast before opening gifts. That was during my teens I guess. When I still lived upstate and once Mom was in the nursing home, I would obviously wait until later in the morning or early afternoon to go take her presents and open them with her.

The past couple years with Tom’s family, his younger sister is usually the first to get up because she’s so excited. She then knocks on doors to wake everyone else up because she’s just too excited. She’s 23 haha. We all grab a bite to eat, I think we stay in our pajamas, and sit around and chat for a bit. When it’s time (Tom’s mom delegates when this is) we start with our stockings and then make our way to unwrapping the presents under the tree.

When this post goes up, Tom and I will be on our way to JFK airport to go upstate! I’ll probably give my mom her gifts right away (today) because I got her a few candle wax cubes for her candle warmer and a few of them are Christmas-y scents. I want her to be able to enjoy them before Christmas and for as long as possible. And don’t worry, I don’t think she regularly reads these, so it’s okay that I just told you what I got for her. Although, last time we were up there, I opened her computer to show her how to make a Google+ hangout call with me, and she had my Instagram account up and one of my more recent blog posts! Weird!

Day 19: Favorite stocking stuffer?

Growing up, it was always a tradition that we would get new toothbrushes, chapstick, and scratch-off lottery tickets in our stockings. I have to say, those are the best stocking stuffers. Even though the first two sound boring, like getting socks from your grandmother or something, they are essentials and it sucks when you’re stuck without them! And the scratch-offs, even though they were usually total rip-offs, still provided a little excitement and suspense. I think the most I ever won on one scratch-off from Christmas was $50.

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