I did that thing: Ombre Nails!

I did it! I finally sat down and tried out the ombre nail thing. I know I’m about 5 years late on this band wagon, but there’s never a better time than the present, amirite?? Plus, it’s summer. As a teacher on break, I have time on my hands, so I used that time on my hands and am really impressed. Also, what better time than summer to try out a fun, colorful ombre nail?!

Hand with nail polish and sponge

I bought a bag of cosmetic wedge sponges from Walgreens with the intention to use them solely for trying ombre nails. When I got home, I picked out my colors – I chose a bright green, blue, and purple, all by L.A. Colors. I knew they weren’t the best quality nail polishes, but I wanted to use those colors anyways.

I figured I would just jump right into it, trying it out without a colored base. So I painted three stripes onto a full-sized makeup sponge and pressed them to my pinky nail. Buuuut the colors weren’t opaque enough, so it just looked silly. I got my nail polish remover and took off the goofy ombre and decided to turn to YouTube where I knew I had seen one or two tutorials before.

This one showed me that it was easier if I cut the sponge to a smaller size, closer to the size of my nails. So I did.

She also urged me to paint my nails white before proceeding with the ombre colors. So I did. I painted all nails except my thumbs with two coats of Alpine Snow by O.P.I.

Nail polish

Once they dried, I coated the sponge with the three colors again. Then it was time to apply it to my nails. I dabbed my pinky with the sponge and it looked cool! I think the white base coat is what really helped the colors stand out and stay on the nail instead of the sponge. I definitely needed two coats of the colors because, again, they were not very opaque.

Each time I painted a nail, I had to reapply the tri-colored stripes to the sponge for the next nail. As can be expected, this was kind of a messy process. I had excess nail polish on my cuticles as well as on the pads of my thumbs and forefingers, as those were what I was using to hold the sponge.

However, I did not find it much more difficult to apply using my left hand as it usually is when straight-up painting my nails. The right always comes out looking wonky because I am not a lefty. This process was equally difficult and equally easy on both sides. Does that make sense…?

right hand ombre nails

Once all 10 nails were ombred, I used a Q-tip with some polish remover to clean up the edges. There was still some stray color leftover, but it wears off after a day or so. Nobody’s perfect. You live and you learn it. And if I mess it up sometimes. Nobody’s perfect.

Hannah Montana. I just couldn’t resist.

When I cleaned up as much as I could, I then applied my new Revlon Liquid Quick Dry top coat.

And voila! Here’s the end product! Like I said, they aren’t perfect – my nails and nail beds are not long, so they aren’t hand model material. But they look pretty dang cool regardless!

I encourage you to try it out yourself. Once I got the hang of it, I was on a roll! From very start to very end, I think it might have taken me 15 minutes, with the original mess-up included. I was also watching Legally Blonde on Netflix, so I may have gotten distracted a few times.

If you do try this, send me a picture or a link to one. I would love to see what color combinations you come up with!

Go ahead, leave me a comment!