I tried juicing…and filmed it…

Tom and I got a juicer as a bridal shower gift (we’re getting married in 13 days!!) so I decided to finally open it up and give it a shot. I decided to go with the ‘ABC’ juice – apple, beet, and carrot. It seemed simple enough and I like all 3 ingredients.

I actually filmed my experience with juicing, and you can see it on YouTube! Watch all of my facial expressions.

I added 1 whole apple, 1 whole beet, and 2 whole carrots. At first taste, the juice was good and I was really excited to drink up! But after a few sips, it was clear that there was way too much beet for my taste. So while I would and probably will make this juice again, I will definitely try using only half of a beet next time.

The clean-up is very annoying – I think maybe if I had the luxury of a dishwasher, it wouldn’t be too bad. But scooping out all the remnants and scrubbing all the small crevices free from fruit and vegetable particles is such a pain in the ass. That is the only real downside I’ve found so far.

Do you have a go-to juice recipe or recipe website that you love? Share it in the comments below or on the video! I’ve made one other juice since this one (kale, apple, cucumber, and blueberries – I actually chugged this one and kind of felt sick for awhile afterwards) and want to keep trying new concoctions!

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