My Invisalign Journey (13.5): Not totally done

As a sort of continuation to my last post, I have a very small update.

I had another appointment last week and I’m technically not done yet. Dr. Jacquie came and saw me – she said my teeth look beautiful. She suggested I get a cleaning because of my insanely frustrating tartar build-up; I honestly floss and brush my teeth before I put my aligners in, and yet they still have such bad build-up. She said that happens for some people while others can go a year without needing a cleaning. She also recommended a whitening within the next 6 weeks “to make sure they sparkle for summer.” Finally she said she wanted to see me in six months, gave me a hug, and told me to have a good summer.

It was then time for final photos! Dee took my photos, just like she had in the beginning for my initial photos. Then, she proceeded to explain the next step in my treatment: she was giving me one more set of aligners that I was to wear full-time (like I’ve been wearing them for the past 16 months) and then they would give me a set to wear only at night when I return in six months.

Six months and that’s it. My final photos haven’t been put up on the website yet, so I’m not sure if that’s because they just haven’t gotten to it yet or if they wait until the patient is totally done with treatment. Until then, you can check out my last post to see recent photos of my straight teeth!

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