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So last weekend I visited Geneseo, NY to hang out with friends from my alma mater (that’s SUNY Geneseo, for those who have never heard of this small town…which is probably most of you). Whilst partaking in delicious Indian food at Haveli’s in Rochester (check them out here), my group of 8 friends started spewing out the alphabet. Okay, it wasn’t the alphabet, but it sure sounded like it. Letters were flying from one end of the table to the other.

Enter Myers-Briggs personality test. Apparently everyone knew their personality – consisting of four letters – and were comparing certain traits of the different types. I had not taken this test, so I was unable to participate in the conversation. Part of me wanted to just start calling out random letters – ‘I’m B-L-U-E’ (reminds me of that song from the 90s…’I’m blue, if I was green I would die…’ Still not sure what he was really saying.).

Instead, I decided that upon our return to Geneseo, I would take the test and find out once and for all who Sir Myers and Mr. Briggs think I am. I took a poll from everyone at the table of what they thought I would be. After each person’s name, I recorded their guess for my personality type, followed by their individual personality type. As you can see, most guess E, T, and J for my personality. Lauren guessed her initials (super helpful). And Emma is my favorite.

myers briggs

So the moment of truth arrived; I pulled up the test (we used this one here) on my computer and had Erika read me the questions. Now, I’m not sure if this is an acceptable method due to a possible bias when answering in front of other people, but I figured if I did it myself I would probably think too much about each question and end up with a bias anyway. You’re supposed to just answer based on your initial instincts; but I must warn you, some of the questions can be very situational, so there’s not always a clear-cut answer.

72 questions later, the results came in. According to M and B, I am an ENFJ; that is Extrovert iNtuition Feeling Judging. My friends were pretty astonished that I was not a T. “Should I retake the test?!” Anyways, the site provides you an entire profile that describes what this personality means in terms of the way you interact with people, the way you make decisions, and all sorts of other things. It was really strange reading my profile and realizing how true most of the ideas were.

I think it’s fascinating, but I’m still skeptical about the idea that answering these questions determines your personality. Especially because there were a bunch of questions that I couldn’t answer right away because I’m a very situational person. I’m constantly saying, “Well sometimes I feel this, but other times I feel this way.” So making clear-cut decisions is sometimes difficult. And other times, it is not. See?

I’m curious to know what personality types you all are and whether you agree with your M-B outcome. Is this an accurate test? Do you know of a better test than the one I took?

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  1. I love the test and I am an ENFJ. Check out the book Please Understand Me II. The test in their is awesome, and its ok to be borderline when answering a question. They give great examples of what an ENFJ is like and what an ENTJ is. You then read and see which you are more like. I was borderline, but after reading descriptions it was a no brainer, I’m an ENFJ

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