No Filter Rambles

Oh. Em. Jee.

Do you spell it ‘gee’? I always see it spelled like that but then I think to myself, Wouldn’t that be said like ‘giggle’ only ‘geegle’ minus the gle? But then again I say GIF like JIF, so how reliable are my thought processes and decisions, really?

Anyways, back to what I’m omg-ing about.

I got to see the freaking No Filter Show last night in Brooklyn. For those of you (noobs slash people with lives that don’t revolve around watching strangers on YouTube) that don’t know what the No Filter Show is, it’s a comedy show starring the lovely and talented Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, and Hannah Hart (in no particular order of importance, preference, or alphabetization).

Ever since I started watching these three on the wonderful world of YT, I knew one thing: I wanted to be their friend. Sure, that sounds creepy, wanting to be friends with people I’ve never actually met in real-life and that have no idea of my actual existence. However, whatevs.

So when I saw that they would be coming to Brooklyn for their comedy show, I jumped all over that opportunity. My husband, Tom, agreed to go with me and he gave me the push I needed to get a VIP ticket instead of general (AKA: peasant) admission. The VIP ticket got me a signed poster of the three ladies as well as a signed copy of Grace’s new book Grace’s Guide: The art of pretending to be a grown-up.

Oh, and I’d get to meet the three of them after the show!!!!!1! Sign me up!

When we arrived at the venue, The Bell House, Tom and I had to stand in two different lines: VIP and peasant. There was limited seating so I was hoping to snag a seat and discretely save another for him. Luckily though, I began talking to a few of the girls around me. I forgot all about Tom and ended up hanging out with the girls all night, then hanging out with the Trifecta who decided that I was way cool and wanted me to go back to LA with them and make videos with them and be in shows and movies with them and we all grew old together.

Just kidding.

So Tom and I were in different lines, but luckily I began talking to a few of the girls around me in line. The girl in front of me told me she was with her dad who was also waiting in the general admission line. The plan: we would snag seats and sit with two chairs between us, ensuring that our accompanying male folk would have seats.

It worked beautifully. We got our posters and books, snagged four seats, and then I snagged a few drinks from the bar. I didn’t want to wait and then have to wait in a super long line. But then I remembered that the majority of the attendees were not even of legal age – I believe the average age was around 16, not counting the parents with their children – so I really didn’t have to worry about long bar lines.

Tom and I giving a throwback Grace face before the show!
Tom and I giving a throwback Grace face before the show!

The show started promptly at 6 and as soon as the girls came out on stage in their amazing money suits, it was unreal. I know when I watch them that they are indeed real human beings. But seeing them in real life brought all feelings out!

And they didn’t disappoint. The show was hilarious and lasted for almost an hour and a half. There were a few skits where all three of the girls were on stage and in between those each of them had their own skit. Grace’s mom also had a big part in between skits via video.
Opening song - Shake It Up

Everyone began to leave the venue, but us VIPers with our red wristbands were told to go to the other room where we would meet the Trifecta. I was nearly peeing my pants; you see, I’m pretty sure I have a tinier bladder than is normal and I also drank a beer, so I was in need of a bathroom, but the lines were long and I didn’t want to risk losing my awesome spot in line.

The ringleader of the venue told us all to have our cameras/phones ready because they had another event going on in a bit, so there was only time to take a few selfies per person.

After about 20 minutes, a bunch of people in the back of the line began making a ruckus – they were coming to meet us!

Trifecta enters

When my time came, I wanted to just put all our arms around each others’ shoulders and leave the hall and go walking down the streets of Brooklyn like a quadruple of awesome friends. Instead, I gave Mamrie a hug first, jumping out of my skin while N*Sync played in the background (this place had a good throwback playlist going). She asked what my name was and said she f-ing loved it.

Then I hugged Grace and gave her my phone because she was taking selfies all night. I hugged Hannah and then we took a couple selfies. My phone blows, and the front facing camera takes really crummy pictures. But Grace took about a million (okay, only 9) and you can tell it’s us, so whatever.Fangirl selfies

I told them my students were going to be so jealous and Hannah said, “You’re a teacher? God bless you!” We each hugged one more time before I left to go find Tom outside.

It was magical. And it went way too fast. And Tom had to tell me to slow down because I was practically skip-running down the street because adrenaline and happy and all the feels.

So now we’re best friends. And that’s all I have to say about that. Quadfecta 4 lyfe!

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