Old Christmas Photo [Days 16 & 17]

Day 16: Hardest person to buy for?

I mentioned this on day 9 when I talked about the easiest person to buy for, but it honestly changes every year. Tom is actually pretty hard to buy for – whenever he needs something, he’ll get it himself. I don’t know what he could use in the technology world (that he’ll actually use), he already has too many items of clothing, and let’s not get started on how many comic books he has

Then again, everyone is hard to buy for in their own way. I would love to go the easy way and just get Sephora/Victoria’s Secret/any restaurant/any VISA gift cards for everyone so they could choose exactly what they want. I honestly think they are great gifts to receive. But they don’t take much thought or effort. And there’s no wrapping involved (this is both a pro and a con).

So anyways, everyone is hard to buy for thoughtfully.

Day 17: Post a picture of an old Christmas card.

I don’t have any old Christmas cards other than the ones we received last year. If I do have older cards, they are in storage. So instead, I found this old picture of me and my parents at Christmastime. I think this was in 1998, so I was 8 years old.

Family Christmas

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