Favorite Christmas Movies [Day 1]

Okay, let’s start off strong with actually completing day 1 of the 25 Days of Blogging challenge!

I don’t like picking favorites – my students will tell you that – so for today’s post, I’ll list my top 3 favorites. I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older that picking favorites is very limiting. So here are my five recommendations of Christmas movies, along with a few of my favorite quotes and/or scenes from each, in no particular order:

  1. A Christmas Story: I have watched many, many, many hours of A Christmas Story growing up. And thanks to TBS and their yearly “24 hours of A Christmas Story”, I keep racking up those hours. I could honestly sit here and quote the movie line by line, and it never gets old.

Randy: “I can’t put my arms down!”

Mom: *Sigh* “Put your arms down at school.”

Can't put my arms down A Christmas Story Randy

…which then led to…

Randy A Christmas Story Can't get up

Then there was the weird kid with goggles waiting in line to see Santa:

“I like the Wizard of Oz…I like the Tin Man.”

Weird Kid Goggles A Christmas Story department store

And last, the feel-good scene when Ralphie finds his final present behind the desk.

This scene gets me because my parents did this to me when I was about 6 or 7.

A Christmas story ralphie gun desk


2. Elf: Another movie I could quote all the live long day. It’s just genius. I don’t want to go crazy overboard on favorite scenes because it’ll honestly be the entire movie. Here are a couple gems:

“Does somebody need a hug?”

Elf Buddy raccoon

“Watch out – the yellow ones don’t stop!”

Buddy the Elf taxi gif


3. The Holiday: This is a fabulous movie with a fabulous title. I will admit that as I’ve grown older I’ve realized just how nuts the storyline is (as I have with The Notebook and other such movies where cheating and jumping into bed super quick are romantic and desirable) but it nonetheless sweeps me off my feet every time I watch it.

I adore the entire scene where Amanda meets Graham’s daughters. *Cue heart melting*

“You look like my Barbie!”

The Holiday tent

And when Miles plays the keyboard and reveals what he thinks Iris would be as a song. *Cue heart melting*

The Holiday Jack Black Kate Winslet keyboard singing

And I get stupid happy tears when Arthur opens the doors to his award ceremony
and realizes just how many people are there to support him. *Heart is goop*

The Holiday Arthur award ceremony


So there they are, three movies that I love love love to watch anytime of year, but especially around Christmastime. What are your favorites? Any quotes or scenes from them that you love?

The Despicable Wizard of the Chocolate Factory

Whilst on the LIRR, Tom and I started bouncing ideas off of each other; what if we made a mash-up between Despicable Me, Wizard of Oz, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? We came up with a few plots and here is the outcome. Picture this:

Munchkins vs. Oompa Loompas vs. Minions. Cue class struggles, interracial relationships, broken alliances, and poisonous candy. Lots and lots of poisonous candy.

The mystery behind the Horse of Many Colors is debunked. In a mission to take over Emerald City, Gru (the guy from Despicable Me) used Gobstoppers to lure a horse. The plan was to charge the city and take over the position of Wizard. Unfortunately, the horse just started changing colors and this only drew more attention to it. The citizens, marveling at the pretty colors, ended up taking it and making it their carriage horse to draw more tourists.

Willy Wonka had gone to retire in Oz, and in a twist of fate, met Dorothy, a small-town Kansas girl. She had put out a classified ad: SWF seeks SWM, any age. Likes long skips on brick roads. Must love dogs. Meet me in the poppy field.

Long story short, they met, he liked her simple-mindedness, and she liked the prospect of getting out of her dumpy town.

Together they seek to reclaim the chocolate factory. However, Charlie’s new army of flying monkeys (they needed work now that the witch was gone) won’t even let him in the door. So he seeks help from Dr. Nefario {other guy from Despicable Me} who ends up falling in love with Dorothy, too. Who knew she was such a hottie?Dorothy

Who will end up victorious? More importantly, whom will Dorothy choose? And, what would a Minchkin (cross between Munckin and Minion) look like?