Tis the season to be cheesin [Day 24]

It’s Christmas Eve!!!! That means tomorrow is Christmas Fo Realz!!!

Day 24: Favorite Christmas Eve tradition?

Growing up, we used to host the family Christmas party on Christmas Eve. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family would come over and we’d feast and trade our Secret Santa presents. I would include a picture as I know I have a few, but sadly they’re all in storage. Those parties ended [obvs] when my parents split, and family parties on either side of my family were few and far between (at least for me) after that.

When I was a pre-teen, my mom’s MS got to the point where it was really difficult for her to attend family functions. Getting in and out of the car was tough, anything requiring stair climbing was difficult, and everything made her tired much quicker which exacerbated her symptoms. So instead we would have Christmas Eve at home, watching A Christmas Story with all of the lights around the house and on the tree lit up.

In high school, I would attend my boyfriend’s family functions (sometimes on Christmas Eve, sometimes on Christmas, sometimes the weekend before or after) and bring Mom food later on. As mentioned a few times in past posts, I’ve spent the past 2 (it’ll be 3 today!) Christmas Eves celebrating with Tom and his family.

So, in conclusion, my favorite Christmas Eve tradition is spending time with people that I love. Yes, it’s super cheesy, but tis the season to be cheesin. Except I’ve been staying away from all dairy products because they make me feel like poop.

Anyways, I love having lots of people around that I care about. When Tom and I have our own kids, I want to have holiday gatherings at our house. As hectic as it can be, I really enjoy having people around to celebrate and share special times with.

And with that, I leave you on this 25 days of blogging! We made it through! Granted, some days were grouped together, but overall, I covered them all. I might post something tomorrow, maybe some pictures of Finster playing with the excrements of opened presents, or maybe a picture of Tom and I in front of his family’s fireplace. Who knows?

Either way, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and is blessed with loved ones to share the joyful day with. Don’t let the little things bother you or get you stressed. Remember the reason for the season. And keep on cheesin.

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