Welcome to my new blog!

Hello! Howdy! Welcome!

I’m really excited to finally have my own domain! It seems like such a silly thing to be excited for, especially since (at the moment) the new site is very similar to the old one. But with my own domain, I now have more opportunities for learning and exploration in the world of web design and blogging, as well as freedom to design and build a site I am proud of by applying what I’ve learned!

I’m pretty sure I fixed all the kinks, but you never know. I’m human (for the most part) so I make mistakes and don’t always catch them. Pictures are still in the works since the exporting and importing from my old blog ended up linking them all back to said old site. Also, let me know if links don’t work – some of them might link back to my old site or, if I’m really lucky, they might just no longer work.

Make sure that you subscribe to this new site (subscription button to the right!) and unsubscribe from my old one (seasonalchats.wordpress.com). I will no longer be posting on my old blog, so you sure as heck don’t want to miss out on the party*!

*There is no real party to attend or miss. I apologize. But if there were, you wouldn’t know because you weren’t subscribed to my blog. Think about it.

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