We’re getting married in 3 weeks!

Oh my gosh, time is flying now. Mostly because I’ve been busy every single day – between wedding planning, trips back and forth to Long Island, and unpacking stuff in our apartment in Brooklyn, days have just been zipping by. And there’s still a bunch to do.

I’ve finally gotten all but maybe 2 RSVPs. It took a bunch of phone calls and messages, but I got them all…except for those 2.

I found a dress at Target for the rehearsal dinner! And it was on sale! And it’s really cute! Boom. Savvy.

Tom and I bought two GoPros this past week! We decided that they would be great to use for the wedding, honeymoon adventures, and just to record exciting things in our lives. We might just start our own YouTube channel(s). Any video requests – let us know. I’m going to our venue this weekend to test out the internet and cameras. Fingers crossed!

I figured out the seating chart (for the most part) and I did it with the posterboard and Post-it notes like I said in my last post. Great idea because there were plenty of changes and none of them needed an eraser! I texted Tom a picture of the seating chart when I finished and he said it looked like flowers. It is pretty, if I do say so myself. I ended up color-coding the sticky notes, keeping track of the different groupings of people attending (friends, family, parents’ work friends, etc).

Seating chart

Yesterday morning, Tom and I went to the City Clerk office in downtown Manhattan to get our marriage license! I didn’t realize how many people get married right at the Marriage Bureau; there were so many people dressed up, buying and holding flowers, and taking lots of pictures. One couple even had two little flower girls all dressed up with them – I think they were the couple’s daughters.

Meanwhile, Tom and I wore very casual, matching outfits. Not on purpose, I promise! I got dressed first, so he clearly saw my outfit, and therefore I cannot be blamed for this incident. I didn’t even realize until we were on the subway going to the City Clerk office that we were both donning a very similar color of blue top and khaki bottoms. Great.

We came to his parents house last night and both his sister and mom noticed our matchy-matchiness right away. “You look like you’re in Disney World right now,” said Tom’s sister. Yes, yes, we are well aware.

I got my hair colored today because my roots were coming in. I wanted to do it now instead of waiting until the week of the wedding and risking something awful happening with the color or something. Plus I have gray roots so I color my hair every couple months or so, and it was time to get those suckers done. I’m not 100% gray, but if I let my hair grow out, it would probably look salt and peppery…except I haven’t had my natural hair color 100% since I was about 16 years old. It sucks.

I’ve been finishing up filling in the escort card template and last weekend, Tom’s parents and I put together the display board. So once I get the escort cards all set, I can start figuring out how it will all go together. I am so incredibly excited about this escort card display.

Escort card display

I’ll probably go to Staples or something to print out the escort cards. They could be done on a regular at-home printer, but I guess Tom’s parents’ printer tends to leave ink lines down pages sometimes. I don’t want to take that chance, especially because we’re using card stock which costs much more per unit than regular white printer paper, so I’ll just take the template files to an office supply store to print them.

My final dress fitting is this Tuesday afternoon, so I’m not eating until then. And then I won’t eat again until the day of the wedding. At the reception.

Nah, who am I kidding. I ate pizza and chicken wings last night for dinner. The chicken wings were gross because they were from Dominos and were nothing like upstate wings which are the bomb-diggity.

It’s crazy every time I think about the fact that we will be married in 3 weeks. Like, it’s unreal! Yeah!

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