What I thought I learned from movies and TV shows about haircare

So I’m currently watching Clueless and realized something. When I was younger, I thought for sure that Cher’s haircare routine could make my hair look as full and move as freely as hers. I tried brushing my hair this way, that way, and upside down, then clipping it up just like she did in the scene where she was sitting on the couch with her cousin Josh. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out why my hair still didn’t swish like hers.

Cher Clueless hair brushing mirror

I had the same problem with Topanga’s hair in Boy Meets World. After she let her bangs grow out and she cut it (high school years and beyond), her hair had the same type of abilities as Cher’s. I always wondered why she could run her hands through her hair, flipping it whichever way she wanted, and it would fall around her face effortlessly without tangling or frizzing up.

Back then, I never knew about different hair textures and thicknesses. And forget hair products. Mousse? That was just a big deer-like creature that lived in Canada. I had no interest in blow-drying my hair, either, so it was always air-dried and usually thrown up in a ponytail.

Danielle Fishel Topanga hair smile

Years later, I now know that my naturally wavy, finer hair will not move the way Alicia Silverstone’s or Danielle Fishel’s straighter and thicker hair did without a little help. I know the power that certain products have on my hair to reduce frizz and emphasize my natural waves. With the help of a blow dryer and round brush, I can achieve a hairstyle similar to these two women, but I have come to enjoy how my hair is.

Many girls would envy the way my hair holds a curl, the ease with which I can work with my finer hair, and the fact that it doesn’t take an hour to blow dry it. Sure, I complain when it frizzes up on humid days, I would love thicker locks for effortless volume, and boy do I wish I didn’t start graying so early in life. But there are worse things in life.

As I watch movies and TV shows from my earlier years, I’ll take note of these kinds of things because I think it’s kind of funny but also interesting the impact the tiniest things can have on a young and impressionable girl. Plus, I always catch the jokes, references, and innuendos that I didn’t understand back then.

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